About Us

Welcome to Hello Hallyu Kpop & Drama Shop, your favorite one-stop shop for all things Kpop and Kdrama! Nestled in the heart of the Seattle area, we're an online store, catering to fans in the U.S., and dedicated to bringing you closer to the culture of Korean pop music and dramas.  All of our products are sourced direct from Hanteo family suppliers in South Korea.  All of our products are fulfilled from our facility here in the United States and shipped direct from our store to our customers.  

Our Story

We are a family-owned, fan-owned small business and our Kpop journey began in

2020, during the pandemic and lockdown.  During that time of isolation, like so  many others, we struggled significantly.  In 2022, Our kids introduced us to Kpop and Kdramas, starting with ARMY and BTS.  We attended the very last PTD concert in Las Vegas.  Our only real preparation was a YouTube video one of my kids made us watch to help us learn the members and their names.  Once the show began, I FINALLY understood why our kids loved Kpop so much. There is really nothing else that tops a Kpop show, in my opinion.  It is also really hard to put it into words the energy and excitement.  I consider myself very lucky that the show I was introduced to happened to be this show.  Also, I wish so much that I could thank the girl sitting beside me, a stranger, who had also attended the SOFI shows in L.A.  She knew every lyric to every song and, because of her, the first song I learned was 'Fake Love'. 


As a family, this is where we learned to connect again.  We spent so many hours watching dramas, Run BTS!, In the Soop, VLives together, Bon Voyage, and Jinny's Kitchen. We also began planning a trip to South Korea together, our first vacation in many years.  We immersed ourselves in the culture and learning the language (*this is something we are still learning) to prepare ourselves for our trip.  We were able to visit for the first time in 2023 and absolutely fell in love. 

Music makes the world a better place.  It is healing.  It is global and knows no limitations – age, gender, race, sexual orientation, ethnicity. Music, and especially Kpop, has been a real source of healing for us, like so many others. 

We are a small business. This is our family business that we hope to grow.  We plan on having our first brick and mortar location open in 2025.  We hope that you will support us as we grow so that we can share with you all the hallyu things we love.  There is so much more hallyu, of course, but we have a lot of plans and surprises in store.  We hope that our store will become a true hub for all fans and fandoms to feel welcome to come and celebrate, add to your collection and connect.

While we are small and are growing our collection of products, please check back as we are getting shipments in weekly.  Until we can get our own Hanteo family membership, rest assured that our products are only sourced from Hanteo Family retailers in South Korea and will 100% reflect on Hanteo charts.