8 Famous Kpop Albums Every Fan Should Own

8 Famous Kpop Albums Every Fan Should Own

Kpop has taken the world by storm, captivating millions with its dynamic music and engaging performances. For fans eager to dive deeper into this vibrant culture, collecting Kpop albums is a must.

To begin, let us dispel a significant myth that has to be addressed: No, K-pop is not a genre. a genre of music? Yes. A sector? Indeed. A scene with music? Without a doubt. not a particular genre, but. Whoa, we can get going now.

In the following article, we are going to include some of the albums that are hits from global sensations like BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE, offering not just music but a complete fan experience with photo books, posters, and other exclusive content.

Alongside these, the best K drama OST albums capture the essence of popular Korean dramas, providing an emotional connection to your favorite shows. And if you're looking to relive memorable scenes, a Korean drama photobook album is a perfect addition, showcasing stunning visuals and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

Together, these elements provide a rich, immersive experience, making them essential for any Kpop enthusiast's collection. Hence let’s get started!

1. j-hope: Jack in The Box (2022)

Jack in the Box, j-hope's debut solo album, is unquestionably a sound accomplishment. Based on the Greek artifact known as Pandora's box, the rapper and singer/songwriter experiments with pop, R&B, and grunge while drawing inspiration from classic hip-hop to present a truly brilliant Kpop song.

In order to highlight his personal development over the previous ten years, j-hope included a sample of Ol Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" on the song "What If." Jack in the Box exudes warmth, kaleidoscope dexterity, and exquisite craftsmanship.

With this 10-track masterwork, J-hope, one of the greatest Kpop musicians of all time, reached a new level of performance. It’s one of the best K drama OST so far and those who are a fan of it are still not over this song.

2. BTS: Love Yourself: Tear (2018)

BTS' third studio album, Love Yourself: Tear, is an album concept centered on self-acceptance and self-love. The band blended pop, jazz, EDM, hip-hop, alt-R&B, and grunge with a lot of emo and grunge influence.

Some of BTS's most catchy and vibrant singles are found in songs like "Fake Love" and "The Truth Untold," which feature delicate explorations of love and grief through vibrant melodies.

Tear is the band at its most ambitious and coherent when they aren't scared to try new things and hone their maximalist sensibilities. For one of the most famous Kpop artists of all time, it's a victory lap.

3. Red Velvet: Perfect Velvet (2017)

Red Velvet, one of the best Kpop groups ever, released Perfect Velvet in 2017 and it still sounds amazing after six years. Here, the quintet is at an all-time high, having created upbeat pop songs that explore the balance of youth.

Songs like "Look" and "Perfect 10" combine R&B from the 1980s nu-disco era with synth-pop. Perfect Velvet exhibits a considerable degree of refinement, while Red Velvet skillfully crafts an endlessly inventive tapestry of genre exploration.

The girl group would add to the album's unstoppable legacy two months later when they released The Perfect Red Velvet, an expanded and repackaged edition featuring bonus tunes. The five-piece consistently defies expectations, and Perfect Velvet is no exception.

4. Wonder Girls: Reboot (2015)

Reboot, the third and last album by Wonder Girls, has songwriting and/or production credits for each member on the entire record. In many respects, it was a bittersweet return home because it was the first album to feature Sunmi, the original member, since 2007.

Throughout the album, a variety of incredibly retro, 1980s-inspired ideas is used, including synth-pop, electro-pop, hip-hop, chillwave, and pop rock.

The conceptual notion of Reboot, which was recorded using professional instrumentalists, contributed to the record's increased inventiveness. This album is a true masterpiece, with something for everyone to fall in love with, from the club hit "Loved" to the melancholy "Faded Love."

5. Stray Kids: Noeasy (2021)

Seoul Oct. Since their founding in 2017, Stray Kids has continuously produced some of the best Kpop available worldwide. Noeasy, a play on the term "noisy," seeks to make a statement about the effects of creating music that the entire world can enjoy.

Despite being their second studio album, Stray Kids' work is unquestionably their best and brightest. It is one of the most varied entries on this list since it combines a variety of genres, such as pop, R&B, rock, hip-hop, and EDM.

The record surpasses the "noise" base it was constructed upon in terms of depth and character. Noeasy is a brilliant, well-balanced musical expression that combines slow-burning and fast-paced tracks. Since its release two years ago, more than one million copies have been sold.

6. BIGBANG: MADE (2016)

MADE, BIGBANG's third album in the Korean language, stands out on the list mostly because nearly every song was released as a single. Throughout the summer of 2015, BIGBANG's fan base had the opportunity to hear brand-new music every month thanks to this type of release strategy.

The album's title is an abbreviation for "Music, Achievement, Design, and Experience," and the lyrics explore societal themes, sexuality, and adult statements of doubt and concern. You can find one of BIGBANDs Korean drama photobook albums as they are quite popular.

With MADE selling over a million copies worldwide and peaking at number one on Billboard's US World Albums list, BIGBANG has become one of the more well-known international Kpop artists, showcasing their creative skills and motto all over the world.

7. SEVENTEEN: Heng:garae (2020)

Heng:garae, the seventh EP by Seoul boy band SEVENTEEN, uses sunny vibes to counterbalance the depressing nature of the epidemic it was launched within. With 13 members, SEVENTEEN isn't hesitant to show off how many multitudes they have to their name. The EP went on to become the band's first-ever million-seller, and hits like "My My" and "Left & Right" solidified it as one of the greatest pop mashups of hip-hop and electronica.

8. BLACKPINK: The Album (2020)

Blackpink, who are perhaps among the most well-known Kpop acts in the world, established themselves with their 2020 debut album, The Album, a vibrant pop blend of hip-hop and electronic dance music.

Some of the most catchy tracks in the genre's recent history are "How You Like That," "Ice Cream," and "Lovesick Girls." Selena Gomez, Cardi B, Ariana Grande, and David Guetta are among the featured on the album.

The foursome demonstrated their sophisticated examination of all the major nuances of love rather than merely performing songs about it. The Album is an inspiring record of one of the most significant bands in Kpop's musical development.


Looking through the most well-known Kpop albums demonstrates the genre's musical development as well as its global cultural influence. Essential for any Kpop enthusiast, these Kpop albums showcase the diverse sounds and artistic growth of popular groups and soloists, reflecting the evolution of Korean pop music over the years.

Albums like BTS's "Love Yourself: Answer," EXO's "The War," and BLACKPINK's "The Album" not only offer unforgettable music but also resonate deeply with fans globally.

Complementing this musical experience, the best K drama OST albums provide a rich emotional backdrop to many beloved Korean dramas, enriching the storytelling with memorable soundtracks.

Additionally, owning a Korean drama photobook album enhances the fan experience, offering a tangible connection to favorite shows and moments. Together, these elements make for a well-rounded Kpop collection, celebrating the essence of the genre and its profound impact on both music and drama.

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