HYBE’s sub-label, BE:LIFT LAB's presents a new girl group, ILLIT.  ILLIT is a 5th gen group formed by the show R U NEXT?, and has just debuted with their first mini album ‘SUPER REAL ME’.

Like most 5th gen groups that debuted at the end of last year to the present time, ILLIT has brought a fresh new sound back into K-POP with hints of lofi and soft pop in their title track ‘Magnetic’. It’s a bright pop song that almost feels like a track you would hear in a video game. It’s catchy and addictive, sure to stay in your head and having you humming it all day long.

The rest of the EP, with the tracks ‘My World,’ ‘Midnight Fiction’ and ‘Lucky Girl Syndrome’ each have their own unique twists to them. None of the songs on this EP sound that much alike besides the overall vibe, but its still coherent and flows smoothly together.

The group members themselves all have amazing stage presence and stand out with their fresh talent. Each member has their own spark and makes the live stages just as addicting as the songs, and not a lot of rookies have the ability to do that. I would even go as far to say that they don’t even seem like rookies, and I feel like that's a running trend so far in 5th gen. ILLIT joins the groups KISS OF LIFE, RIIZE, BOYNEXTDOOR, tripleS and xikers in being the optimistic future of the 5th generation of K-POP.

ILLIT has debuted as an example of how to debut the right way, and I think everyone is excited to see how this group is going to grow as they release more music. The future of K-POP looks bright indeed.

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